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The soul of America is in Peril! Fortunately, Jesus is stirring the American church to stand up and change the course of our nation’s future. The truths within this book reveal God’s urgency for us to collectively take a stand and defend a biblical standard of truth, justice, and righteousness, which are the kingdom pillars needed to realign our nation with God’s ways. Time to Stand provides a pathway for each of us to do our part and fulfill God’s destiny for America: To become a beacon of hope that reveals the goodness of Jesus Christ to the entire world. Discover how every man, woman and child can partner with God to take our rightful place in God’s kingdom for the most significant moment of our lives. This is your time to stand!

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This book is a compass to help you find and fulfill God’s biggest destiny for your life. It tells the world about the Rising Soundz of beauty from ashes. If you want to be part of God’s most significant moment our nation has ever seen, this book is for you!

Fred Lopez gathered dozens of leaders and Kingdom Muzic ministers to create an album that will change the industry. Powerful, impact-full songs and messages that are proof that God can turn pain into purpose.

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