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It is our intention to support the Church body in establishing Discipleship Groups across the nation to fulfill Jesus' Commission to disciple our world. We do this through deep, kingdom-family relationships and teaching Biblical leadership characteristics that are focused on critical values and principles that the first century Church possessed and displayed--Core values they lived by and died for. Biblical values that established the Church world-wide.


In our training, we will study these Biblical core values and principles that Jesus requires from His Church.These fundamental truths will lead to a stronger and more mature Church, capable of fulfilling Jesus' requirements; thereby, creating a beautiful bride that advances His Kingdom with love and power.

This is not a "get big quick" scheme. It is a kingdom commission to establish a Church culture so believers will possess the depth and quality to multiply God's Church, advance Biblical Christianity, and reestablish a Biblical nation.


​Our goal is to provide the tools you need to intentionally reproduce disciples that will advance God's kingdom and mature it, in ways Jesus requires. We will explore Biblical truths about Jesus' expectations for the type of Church He commands us to build.​ 


Discipleship Training is intended for pastors, ministries or believers who are looking to start Discipleship Groups, implement core Biblical values into their ministry, or become a more effective leader. This training will help you see Jesus' Church from a kingdom perspective.


Our training is conducted completely online. Each training block consists of 5 total meetings. Each class will have 10-30 attendees from different local churches, ministries, denominations, etc. Attendees will have homework before each weekly meeting. Homework is primarily comprised of 4-5 hours of videos and reading before each meeting. The weekly meetings are designed to discuss questions about the homework. During the last meeting, there will be a Q&A about leadership strategies, implementing your home group, & etc. 

Next Training Starts: January 22, 2022


Each participant will need to purchase a book called, Letters To The Church, by Francis Chan.


The training is provided for free. You may donate to our ministry through this website to help cover costs.

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