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We have entered into a critical hour in the history of our country. Our society despises the name of Jesus and has removed God's commands from every corner in our culture. The future of our nation as a God-fearing society depends on the Church body taking a stand for truth, justice and righteousness. Jesus created His Church for moments like these. And this moment could be the Church's finest hour.

This is not another way to merely fill our head with more knowledge. This mentorship is meant to create a kingdom commission that advances Biblical Christianity against the most significant anti-Biblical issues we face today.  Our mission is to launch every believer into their most significant destiny by revealing a path that makes us more useful to God. Our expectation for each believer is to fulfill their most impactful kingdom-destiny, by standing against every demonic agenda. We will not allow the kingdom of darkness to win the cosmic battle over our families, our future, or the soul of America.


Our goal is to establish a kingdom culture within the hearts of our nation's Church body by:

  • Instilling a Biblical worldview

  • Discovering how God sees the the condition of our nation, while providing practical solutions

  • Establishing Godly character and integrity that's committed to Jesus and His plans & purposes

  • Maturing the Body of Christ to take dominion over the earth (Gen 1:26)


This mentorship is strictly intended for applicants who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It is meant for all believers who follow Jesus and His commands, regardless of denomination. You must have an open mind to exploring new truths within God's Word, be teachable and committed to your personal growth**.

**We reserve the right to remove those who do not align with these attributes.


Our mentorship meetings are conducted completely online. The groups will meet once a week on Mondays for 1 hour via Zoom or MS Teams. The attendees will complete homework before each weekly meeting. Homework is primarily comprised of reading one chapter in Fred's book (Time to Stand) and taking notes. You might also be asked to conduct additional research on some Biblical principles by watching a video or searching online, etc. 


The weekly meetings are designed to discuss questions about Biblical principles within each chapter. Therefore, it is imperative that you complete homework and engage in the discussions. Otherwise, you will not get anything out of the mentorship. Consequently, it's important that you are willing and available to make time for the reading and the weekly meetings.

This is an 8 week program that will begin June 17th and will end on August 5th. Submit your application and you will be notified with additional information.


Each participant will need to purchase a book called, Time To Stand, by Fred Lopez.


The mentorship is provided for free. You may donate to our ministry through this website to help cover costs.

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